Naschpirat – candy pirates

Discount: From a shopping value of 15 €, there is a theme / souvenir bag for free.

Ahoy! All aboard landlubbers! 

Childhood dreams become reality with the candy pirates (Naschpiraten)!

Emmanuel Mangiapane’s dreams came true when he opened his candy shop in the Schöneberg district of Berlin. He is the candy pirate and therefore the captain in command of an extensive collection of extraordinary confectionery treasures. For the young at heart. His treasure chest is brimming with brightly coloured candy, delightfully fruity candy and especially unusual candy. Jelly skulls, giant mice, giant figures, stuffed brains, orange and ginger dwarves, extremely sour rings, jellies in erotic shapes and much more.

Candy lovers can create their own Candy Pirate pick and mix bags from a choice of more than 30 varieties.

The candy does not contain gelatine, artificial colourings, lactose or gluten. There are number of vegan-friendly options too!

A fine selection of “black gold”, is also on board me hearties! In other words, treat yourself to some tasty liquorice, which comes in both sweet and salty flavours.

Take a closer look at the range of crazy treats on offer at the traditional Berlin shop. There are also all kinds of pirate paraphernalia to see, including ship wallpaper, skull and crossbones, rats, swords and a parrot called Rico.

Candy Pirate’s themed goodie bags, which make fantastic gifts or souvenirs, are very popular and are well-known outside of Berlin.

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen me hearties! Swashbuckling greetings from the Candy Pirate of Berlin.


Naschpirat – Fruchtgummischätze
Bautzener Str. 14
10829 Berlin

opening hours:

Tue, Wed, Fri 3 – 6 pm and by telephone

Mon and Thurs only by telephone


tel.: +49 (0)30 – 700 940 77

public transport:

S und U-Bhf. Yorckstraße