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Design without the designer – through o.k. Versand. Anyone who loves browsing through shopping malls in foreign lands and looking at local goods will immediately understand the idea behind o.k. Versand: Here, we offer everyday objects that, although they might not be able to keep up with Made in Germany quality, do offer their own bizarre and unusual charms. Besides anonymously produced mass industrial products made of simple materials like plastic and aluminum, our selection of handmade, recycled goods made of tin, paper, car tires, and plastic bags is growing larger all the time. All items fulfill their purpose perfectly, but aren’ t offered anywhere else in local retail stores. Moroccan baskets made of old tires, plastic carpets from India, or jingling
toy dolls from Russia are examples of amusing “design without the designer.” Other beautiful, totally practical products: Egg bags made of plastic for 2 or 20 eggs (and nothing else) or pin holders made of old crown caps. Lukas Plum is behind o.k. Versand, a trained artist who has finally made his secret passion into his career. o.k. Versand has been open for direct orders online since May of ‘ 98 (www.okVersand.com). Besides a wide variety of items, visitors can also view the “Archive”tab displaying items which are no longer available. The company’ s stores are great fun, however: open since October ‘ 98 in Cologne (Gladbacher Str. 36) and since March 2001 in Berlin as well (Alte Schönhauser Str. 36/37) with a unique ambiance to match their products, which are presented in a modular system made of old painted display cabinets by interior architect group Re. Curious customers can enjoy over 300 unusual products from all over the world.


ok – Versand
Alte Schönhauser Straße 36/37
1190 Berlin

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Monday – Saturday 12.00 – 08.00


Tel.: +49 (0)30 – 24638746

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