teledisko smallest disco on earth

30 % discount on the booking of our mobile teledisko for a private event

What happens INSIDE a teledisko?

Smiles are grinning on the faces of those exiting the smallest disko on earth. What makes that smile wonder those on the OUTSIDE looking at an upcycled phone booth with sound blasting INSIDE and fog rising around it? Can machines produce happiness? Teledisko claims it does.

What happens INSIDE the teledisko stays INSIDE the teledisko, except 4 photos and a video, if selected. A display and a coin acceptor on the outside control the world’s smallest nightclub. The dancers are buzzed in automatically as soon as the soundtrack to the teledisko journey has been selected. Time travel to the 60’s? Age travel by singing along with your best friends to backstreet boys like when you were young? Play air guitar like you are on stage and no one is watching? It’s locked from the outside. Freedom on less then 1 m².

The dancers are in control of strobe, fog, disko ball and other light effects to lead the trip while the song is playing. The photos are printed right on site, the video sent via download link. Each of the song/photo/video features costs 2 Euros.

Invented, build and approved in the party capital Berlin, the startup has currently 3 telediskos in operation more being produced. The teledisko silver edition is designed to be mobile and can be rented for any occasion. In Paris it has set the current world record of 9 people INSIDE, after having travelled to London, Vienna and Gent amongst other European cities to enhance fairs, parties or festivals.


Teledisko pink edition at Kater Blau (night club), Holzmarktstr. 25, 10243 Berlin, only in use when the club is open.

Teledisko gold edition at RAW, Revalerstr 99, 10245 right at Emmma Pea, opposite the Kletter Kegel. Always in operation

The disko king advises:

It is inevitably essential to be INSIDE.
Release the photos before hitting the fog button.
The more fog, the more strobe! Hit the strobe button for the first time when the bass drops.


teledisko gold
on the RAW grounds
Revalerstr. 99
10245 Berlin

opening hours:

always in operation


tel.: 0049 (0)30 20848343

public transport:

S-Bahn: S5, 7, 75 Warschauer Straße
tram: 10, 13 S Warschauer Straße

fare zone: AB